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  1. Central to my artistic research are questions about  “land scape” , which I do not only simply see as the foreground in front of us.

    Landscape is always implicated in ourselves, and is never referred to simply as itself. 

    It is hardly noticed  that when one talks about landscape, at the same time one talks about oneself, including one’s thoughts, history, habits and so on. 

    Landscape is like a screen which allows one to project one’s own view on it.

    And I am also interested in how people perceive the landscape through the information which we can nowadays easily gain, and in how “the landscape“ is transformed by people.

    The preconception(s) we have of visual information such as photographs or moving images as (impartial) viewers without direct involvement in the images we are looking at, could be my ideal story. Through repeated viewings of this information, out visual memories and perception of the story (we see), become our (own) new reality.

    I would like to research how we perceive the feeling of  the “realistic“ but if it is not ”real”  through the landscape.

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